Fitness and spa, Sofia, Obelya / Arholl Arena

Fitness and spa, Sofia, Obelya / Arholl Arena

The site is located in a gated residential complex and combines several different functional areas. Visitors and residents of the complex have the opportunity to play sports and be active, as well as to relax and be pampered, in a comfortable and inspiring environment.

There are three main functional areas:
1) active area for fitness and sports,
2) area for relaxation and conversations with children’s playground and
3) spa area for recovery and relaxation.

The entrance area welcomes visitors with a unique reception, made of architectural detail, and a natural area with a water cascade and natural plants. The reception serves as a unifying element for all areas of the site and provides easy access to each of them.

The active area is close to the main entrance and the reception and bar, but also to the changing rooms. The lighting and materials used are selected to motivate and energize the athletes, with many mirror and glass surfaces. The floorings are specially selected according to the function and provide security and comfort.

The relaxation and conversation area is calmer, overlooking the gardens and with additional decorative natural prints and elegant furnishings. There is also a children’s play area, and there is a wine bar near the bar.

The spa area offers a number of relaxation options with separate massage rooms, solarium, steam bath, sauna, relaxation room with a wall of Himalayan salt.

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