Pentahron Ltd. performs a wide range of services – from concept development, interior and exterior, to project management – both our own and other design and architectural studios. We do not define projects as small and large, but pay attention to detail and personal attitude to the client. We always analyze the wishes and needs of the Assignors.


  • Complete interior projects – feasibility studies, conceptual and technical design;
  • Partial interior projects – only solutions for individual elements (ceilings, lighting, functional solutions, furniture, switches and sockets, etc.);
  • Conceptual design – including preliminary and conceptual studies, functional solutions, site measurement and visualization;
  • Technical design – making technical drawings for an approved conceptual design – wall and flooring drawings, furniture scheme, lighting scheme, circuit switches and sockets, elevations, detail drawings, bill of quantities.


  • Conceptual design – preliminary and conceptual studies, volumetric solution, visualization;
  • Technical design – detail design drawings, elevations and sections, bill of quantities;
  • Furniture – cabinets, upholstered furniture, chairs, tables, lighting fixtures, decorative elements, movable objects, stalls, shelving, elements of urban furniture, elements of garden and park furniture, etc.
  • Overall design – conceptual and technical design.

Architecture and investment design

  • Comprehensive service for development of conceptual and technical projects;
  • Single-family and multi-family residential buildings;
  • Industrial buildings;
  • Public buildings;
  • Projects for reconstructions, major repairs and change of purpose;
  • Projects for company signs, inscriptions and totems;
  • Projects for movable objects and sidewalk laws;
  • Detailed urban plan;

Individual services

  • Side measurement and digitizing a building or a separate room;
  • Preparation of functional drawings;
  • Conceptual design – includes side measurement (if the building is existing), research, and preparation of functional and spatial solution – functional drawings, furniture, facades, visualizations or 3D model making;
  • Technical design of an already existing conceptual design – it is prepared on the basis of the approved conceptual design. Coordination of the project with the respective specialties (Constructions, Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Parking, Geodesy, PBZ, PB) and preparation of an architectural project (situation, distributions at all levels, roof plan, facades, sections, explanatory note, bill of quantities);
  • Preparation of project documentation for a specific specialty – when you already have a developed project for some of the specialties, but you are missing one, two or more;
  • Urban development projects;

3D services

  • 3D visualizations of architectural objects –based on ready-made drawings;
  • 3D visualization of other objects – for advertising, trade, production or personal needs;
  • Animations – creating 3D animations with architectural, advertising or other orientation;
  • 3D modelling – creating custom 3D objects related to production, advertising, architecture, design or personal needs;

Graphic services

  • Digitization of paper drawings in vector version;
  • Side measurement and digitizing a building or a separate room;
  • Preparation of advertising materials – leaflets, high-resolution visualizations for billboards, posters;
  • Production of logos – for business cards, company and product logos;
  • Production of business cards;
  • Pre-print;

Expert help

  • Quantitative – value accounts;
  • Bill of quantities for a finished project;
  • Analysis for tenders;
  • Consultations for tender documentation;
  • Preparation of fire files;
  • Preparation of evacuation schemes;


  • Designer’s supervision;
  • Current regulations;
  • When buying a land property with investment intention;
  • When buying a home or other real estate;
  • In the process of investment design;
  • Everything for the interior design and decorations;
  • Urban planning and spatial solutions;

Project management

  • Preparation of a project budget and valuation of construction and installation activities;
  • Selection of contractors by offers according to the budget;
  • Preparation of a schedule for project implementation;
  • Monitoring of the budget values during the implementation of the projects;
  • Consultation on the purchase of the necessary construction materials, furniture, equipment;
  • Organization of the construction process and coordination between the contractors;
  • Inspection and acceptance of the performed works together with the Assignor and assignment of corrections if necessary;
  • Monitoring the correct and correct implementation of the already prepared project;