Passive house, Gabrovo

Passive house, Gabrovo

The building has two residential floors. On the ground floor there are living rooms (living room, kitchen and dining room), guest bedroom, bathroom, technical room, closet, staircase, hallway and hallway.

On the second level there are three bedrooms, a closet, two bathrooms with toilets, a laundry room, a corridor and a staircase.

The roof of the house is gabled. There are no installations in the attic space. Solar panels are located on the southern slope of the roof. A cover for revision is provided. The plinth of the building is lined with stone, the facade is solved with plaster imitating wood. Tiles were used for the roof. Sliding wooden blinds are provided on some of the windows of the south-eastern and south-western facades. Decorative wooden blinds are also provided.

The windows have a six-chamber pvc profile with imitation wood foil, triple glazing and low emission glass. All southwest and southeast windows have internal roller blinds.

  • The construction of the building consists of load-bearing panels with wooden construction and double-sided cladding of gypsum fiber boards.
  • On all external walls there are additional pre-wall cladding to the premises.
  • On the outside there is an additional ventilated layer lined with cement boards for external use.
  • Passive building.
  • Several layers of thermal insulation are provided.
  • Sloar installation of vacuum tubular solar panels.
  • Water air heat pumps.
  • Recuperators – geothermal.
  • PVC windows extremely suitable for low-energy and passive houses.
  • Floor heating.

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