Аn industrial warehouse area, Novi Iskar

Warehouse area, Novi Iskar

The project predicts phased construction and a reconstruction of an industrial warehouse area. Stage 1 covers the reconstruction of an existing warehouse and at Stage 2 to build a second and main warehouse with a size of 1277 sq.m., as well as the construction of a small administrative building and the creation of green areas and recreation areas. 

The project is tailored to have access to it from the two streets that surround it, creating a prerequisite for easy loading of the warehouses and an easy internal transport communication. The main warehouse is made of metal construction. The walls and the roof are made of metal panels at the customer’s request. Materials that are used helps to emphasize the identity of the building and the existing surfaces. To create a breakage on the façade, the windows on the east and west sides of building were brought to the front, and the color used for them was taken from the company logo. 

From the north and west façade, a frame was created to move forward from the building, making it visually more interesting and outstanding. One of the client’s wishes was to create an identity of a building and make it easily recognizable even from a far away. This identity is noted in the warehouse numbers, which are a copy of the company logo, as well as in the branded metal structures that stick out above the warehouse itself. The floor of the warehouse is made of grinded concrete resistant to pressure and chemical elements.  Metal panels, as well as wooden decking for the terrace, were used for the administrative building to create a smooth connection between outside and inside.

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